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What is Safety Hasps Lock?

A safety hasp lock is a type of lock that consists of a hinged metal strap and a staple that is attached to a door and a frame. A safety hasp lock allows for a padlock to be inserted through the staple and the strap to secure the door. Safety hasp locks are often used for gates, sheds, cabinets, and other applications that require a simple and durable locking solution.

What is Door Bolt?

A door bolt is a type of lock that is used to keep doors shut. They are often fastened with padlocks for extra security. They are commonly found in many domestic, commercial, and industrial environments. They are available in a variety of designs, materials, and finishes for use in different settings. Some of the common types of door bolts are heavy-duty door bolts, barrel bolts, flush bolts, and rack bolts.

What is Chain Door Lock?

A chain door lock is a type of lock that consists of a small chain attached to the door frame and a track on the door for security purposes. It is often used along with other types of locks to secure a door. They are commonly used on hotel and motel room doors. They may also have a key or a code lock function for extra security. They are easy to install and use.

What is a Door Stop?

A door stop is a device that is used to prevent a door from hitting a wall or closing by itself. They are usually made of rubber, metal, or plastic and can be attached to the floor, the wall, or the door itself.

Some common types of door stoppers are wedge door stoppers, wall-mounted door stoppers, and spring door stoppers. They can help protect the wall and the door from damage and reduce noise.

What is Door Spring?

  • A spring door stopper is a device that prevents a door from hitting a wall by using a flexible spring and a rubber bumper.
  • A spring door closer is a device that automatically closes a door by using a hydraulic coil spring and oil.
  • A Spring door decor is a way of styling your door with seasonal accessories such as wreaths, flowers, or signs.
What is Door Viewer?

A door viewer is a device that allows you to see who is outside your door before opening it. It is a small hole drilled through the door and fitted with a wide-angle lens that provides a clear view of the outside. It is also known as a peephole or a spyhole. It can help you identify visitors and prevent unwanted intruders from entering your home or office. They are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials to suit your door and preference.