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What is Mortise Lock Set?

A Mortise lock set is a type of lock that consists of a lock body that fits into a pocket (or mortise) cut into the edge of a door, and a box keep that fits into the door frame. A mortise lock set also includes a cylinder, a spindle, and handles or knobs that operate the lock. A mortise lock set can provide high security and durability for doors that need to withstand heavy use. There are different types of mortise lock sets depending on the function, style, and security level.

What are the main parts of the Mortise Lock Set?

  • The door handle is the component that determines a lock set's aesthetics and helps to identify a mortise lock from other types of locks. To open and close the door, use the horizontal door handle. Nowadays, there are two primary types of mortise locks: the plate mortise lock, which includes the handle and an inner escutcheon plate, and the rosette lock, which includes the handle and a separate rosette. Brass, stainless steel, or other materials like zinc alloy or aluminum are frequently used to make the handle. Additionally, the handle can be colored, engraved, or polished, allowing the user to match it to their project's Feng Shui and architectural style.
  • The lock body is a part that determines the durability of a lock set, which is inserted in the inner door stile. As a result, lock bodies are often built of strong, long-lasting materials like brass and stainless steel for precision. In particular, the deadbolt is composed of stainless steel with a high bearing capacity in conjunction with a high working frequency of the door lock.
  • The Lock cylinder is an important part of the lock that determines the durability and safety of a lock set, which is connected from the body to the edge of the door. When the door is opened, the key is inserted here, activating the deadbolt on the lock body. The thickness of the door stile determines the cylinder's length. The cylinder is often built of strong materials like brass because it must be secure and shockproof. To prevent key duplication, the key should also be made with a lot of detailed elements.
How To Install Mortise Lock Set?

  • Mark the outline of the lock case and the hole for the doorknob on the edge of the door using a template.
  • Use a drill and a mortise cutter to cut out the pocket for the lock case and the hole for the doorknob.
  • Use a chisel to square up the edges of the mortise and remove any excess wood.
  • Insert the lock case into the mortise and screw it to the door edge.
  • Attach the cylinder and the handle to the lock case and secure them with screws.
  • Mark the position of the strike plate on the door jamb using a template.
  • Use a drill and a chisel to cut out a recess for the strike plate and its box.
  • Screw the strike plate and its box to the door jamb.
  • Test the lock and adjust it if needed.