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What are the Mechanical Key Blanks?

Mechanical Key Blanks are pieces of metal that have not been cut to fit a specific lock. They are used to make duplicate keys or new keys for locks. Mechanical Key Blanks come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of lock they are intended for. For example, some Mechanical Key Blanks are for padlocks, some are for cars, and some are for keyboards.

How are Mechanical key blanks cut?

Mechanical Key blanks are cut by using a key-cutting machine that can create precise cuts and patterns on a blank key. There are different types of key-cutting machines, such as ones that use a rotating blade, a milling cutter, or a laser. Some key-cutting machines can cut a key by code, which means they use a numerical code to determine the shape and depth of the cuts. Other key-cutting machines can cut a key by duplication, which means they copy the shape and pattern of an existing key.

What are the signs of a worn key?

  • The edges are becoming slightly rounded instead of sharp and crisp.
  • The key might appear slightly warped or even misshapen.
  • The metal is badly scratched and appears dull.
  • It doesn't fit in the lock the way it used to.