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What are Tile Nippers?

Tile nippers are tools that are used to cut small pieces of tile or make curved or irregular cuts. They look like pliers with sharp carbide-tipped jaws that can bite into the tile and break off into small chunks. They are useful for cutting tiles around pipes, faucets, outlets, or other obstacles.

How to use Tile Nippers?

To use tile nippers, you need to mark the tile where you want to cut it with a pencil. Then, hold the tile firmly with one hand and the nippers with the other. Position the nippers over the mark and squeeze the handles to nip off a small piece of tile. Repeat this process until you reach the desired shape.

What are tile nippers best used for?

Tile nippers work best for ceramic, porcelain, glass, or mosaic tiles. They are not suitable for cutting hard or thick tiles, such as stone or marble. You may also need to smooth the edges of the cut tile with a rubbing stone or sandpaper to remove any sharp or rough edges.