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What are the common Types of Kitchen Faucet?

A kitchen faucet can have different features and styles like Delta style or Gerber style, depending on the needs and preferences of the user. Some common types of kitchen faucets are pull-down, touchless, dual-handle, single-handle, and side sprayer. A pull-down faucet has a sprayer head that can be pulled down from the spout and directed to different areas of the sink. A dual-handle faucet has two separate handles for hot and cold water, while a single-handle faucet has one handle that controls both temperature and water flow. A side sprayer faucet has a separate sprayer that can be mounted on the side of the sink or the countertop. Kitchen faucets can also have different finishes, such as chrome, nickel, or Matte Black to match the style and decor of the kitchen.

Steps To Avoid Damaging the Finish of the Faucet

  • Avoid using abrasive cleansers and industrial cleaners on toilet bowls, green Scotch-Brite heavy-duty scrub sponges, Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner and Lysol Basin Tub, Soft Scrub and Tile Cleaner.
  • Avoid products that claim to remove tarnish and rust, as well as those that include hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, and/or phosphoric acids and caustic agents.
  • Avoid using abrasives or polishes that are too abrasive.
  • Avoid bleach-based cleaners.
How can I clean my faucet?

  • Use a soft, clean cloth, water, and mild dish soap to remove any watermarks or dirt. Make sure your soap is free from any abrasives/acids.
  • Rinse the faucet thoroughly to remove the soap residue.
  • Dry the faucet thoroughly with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth.