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What are Plungers?

Plungers are a type of plungers that are designed to clear blockages in toilets. They have a rubber cup and/or flange that fits into the toilet drain opening and creates suction and pressure to dislodge the clog.

Types of Plungers

There are different types of toilet plungers, such as standard toilet plungers, toilet plungers with flaps, accordion plungers, and taze plungers, each with different shapes and sizes of cups and flanges. Toilet plungers are usually paired with a caddy or drip tray to store them and prevent water from dripping on the floor.

What are Toilet Brushes?

Toilet brushes are cleaning tools used to eliminate the dirt, grime, and residue left in your toilet bowl. They are typically constructed from plastic, silicone, and/or stainless steel, consisting of a long handle with a bristled end, usually rounded or contoured in shape. Toilet brushes are usually used with toilet cleaner or bleach to scrub the upper area and around the bowl of the toilet. Toilet brushes are often paired with a holder or caddy to store them and prevent water from dripping on the floor.